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The Anglican Diocese in New England wants to be on mission together: every parishioner, every member of the clergy, and every church. As a family of churches reaching across the breadth of New England, God is calling us to serve in the re-evangelization of the Northeast. We can do so much more in God when we work together as a diocese. Together we can close our current financial gap to help further God's mission with:

  • 500 donors giving $10/mnth
  • 200 donors giving $25/mnth
  • 100 donors giving $50/mnth
  • 50 donors giving $100/mnth

We want to encourage our clergy and parishioners to make regular good will offerings to the Diocese over and above your local Parish tithe for the support of mission across our region. Our hope and prayer is that, working together, with high participation, we can thrive together!




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